Some we keep and some we abort. Here are 2 fine exam­ples of the types of prob­lems TVMESSIAH faces on a dai­ly basis on their way to the top.

Citizen-​m, aka ladies man extra­or­di­naire, aka I promise I’ll pull out baby, presents you with the best method for an unwant­ed sur­prise! And then we have Number-​7 aka pub­lic ene­my num­ber one, clean­ing up the mean streets of Hol­ly­wood, one porn star at a time.


So your Mom just gave you $10 for allowance. What will you do with it?


You could go to the can­dy store and buy sweets.


but then you would be fat.

You could go down­town and buy some qual­i­ty crack cocaine.


but then you would end up a drug addict.

or…you could go online and buy one of tvmessiah’s albums.


and you would be feared as the motha fukin gangs­ta you are.

And if your par­ents are too cheap to give you an allowance, you could always drop by your lib­er­al teacher’s house and tell them you need cash to get an abor­tion.


In this case, you would be able to buy a tvmes­si­ah album for your­self and all your friends so do this one.


tvmes­si­ah, the right choice. 

Go to the Offi­cial tvmes­si­ah iTunes Page to get your fix.