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There is lots of work is to be done if we are to com­plete any­thing. web­sites, twit­ter tweets, face­books, crazy times. Blogs, blogs. The dis­tance isn’t a prob­lem though, thanks to our won­der­ful friend the inter­net, wher­ev­er would we be with­out you??? And please do not for­get the won­der that is smart phone tech­nol­o­gy. The two of us are able to con­nect, col­lab­o­rate, do busi­ness, catch up and have a laugh. Maybe we’ll meet in the mid­dle one day, for a week or so, holed up in some cab­in in the mid­land, record­ing us a good ol’ fash­ioned Amer­i­can odd-rock record­ing ses­sion. Who knows.…maybe things hap­pen, maybe they don’t. Mys­tery.