What is you + tvmessiah’s OFFICIAL music video for Fuck You Up like LSD + A nev­er seen before UNCENSORED cut of tvmessiah’s music video for TRUST US???

Prob­a­bly some­thing hot­ter than the infa­mous Obama/​Bush sex scene in our noto­ri­ous video for TRUST US with the pres­i­dents por­trayed with amaz­ing accu­ra­cy by uber tal­ent­ed adult film stars Kiara Diane and Prinzzess Felic­i­ty whose true unre­strict­ed, unedit­ed and uncen­sored per­for­mances can now be viewed as they were meant to be seen so every mes­si­ah knight can expe­ri­ence its glo­ry as God orig­i­nal­ly intend­ed: As if we were all back in the Gar­den of Eden nip­ping on fresh fruits and watch­ing YouTube with high speed broad­band.


And just in time for Christ­mas, our ware­house-rave and under­ground goth-club dub­step hit FUCK YOU UP LIKE LSD has an equal­ly filth­i­er addi­tion with the music video writ­ten, shot, edit­ed and pissed on by anti-Hol­ly­wood, anti-music-video and anti-any­thing-not-nasty film direc­tor RUDOLPH WEST!!! This true art afi­ciona­do even had us eat, digest and regur­gi­tate the film strips he used in the final cut for his direc­tor cred­it as seen in the fame below:

Rudolph West Title Card

TVMESSIAH — Fuck You Up like LSD [Official Music Video]

We here at the tvmes­si­ah bat cave enjoy bring­ing you the very best in the chaos of our video pro­duc­tions & bina­ry art­work splat­tered all over your mon­i­tor.

This video that we are releas­ing is a love poem to all the mis­fits and weirdos out there look­ing for some­thing that makes sense in all the non­sense, and clar­i­ty in scat­ter brained con­sump­tion of this fringe niche under­ground swill we like to call #Choco­late­Boi

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Don’t ever say your moth­er told you nev­er to take drugs from some­one who promised to make you feel bet­ter or give you a ‘pick me up’ — espe­cial­ly a stranger from the Inter­net -

well tvmes­si­ah is here to give you that with­out a pre­scrip­tion or a war­rant.

Drop this track and then drop it some more:

Lis­ten close kids, this is all real, you will just under­stand more what this means when you become old­er


A pres­i­den­tial encounter between 4 souls just look­ing for some fun. At the end of the day, isn’t that what is impor­tant? Mak­ing sure you had fun?

tvmessiah’s mes­sage is one of fun and enjoy­ing once self. And we bring you that mes­sage with our very first music video, for our first sin­gle, “TRUST US.” Porn­stars, masks, suits, wigs, and ani­mal cos­tumes for all. Look into Num­ber 7’s eyes, take citizen-m’s hand, TRUST US, as we lead you to the promise­land. The Mes­si­ahlu­tion will be Tele­vised.

Some we keep and some we abort. Here are 2 fine exam­ples of the types of prob­lems TVMESSIAH faces on a dai­ly basis on their way to the top.

Cit­i­zen-m, aka ladies man extra­or­di­naire, aka I promise I’ll pull out baby, presents you with the best method for an unwant­ed sur­prise! And then we have Num­ber-7 aka pub­lic ene­my num­ber one, clean­ing up the mean streets of Hol­ly­wood, one porn star at a time.

We have been work­ing dili­gent­ly to bring all you mes­si­ahknights new mate­r­i­al in the form of our first stu­dio EP TRUST US.


Num­ber 7 and i came togeth­er in America’s heart­land, Hol­ly­wood, to pro­duce what is sure­ly our best work to date. Record­ing at Audi­oLot stu­dios locat­ed in the Hol­ly­wood Hills, we worked on future sin­gles “Trust Us” and “Hand­i­cap Space.” Not only that, we also shot a video for the first sin­gle, Trust Us in which we have pre­pared a sur­prise to rel­ish in the form of a scan­de­lous sym­bol­ic sim­u­lat­ed sex scene between the last two pres­i­dents of the Unit­ed States, George W. Bush and Bar­rack Oba­ma.

Work­ing with infa­mous adult film stars Kiara Diane and Prinzzess Felic­i­ty, tvmes­si­ah cre­at­ed what may become our best youtube video to date. Col­lab­o­rat­ing with such tal­ent­ed artists as music pro­duc­er Tony Rene, J Jones, mix­mas­ter Joshua Aaron, Inter­na­tion­al Super­Star Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Matt Odom, and the ladies, tvmes­si­ah is quick­ly reach­ing the moment, a decade in the mak­ing, the res­ur­rec­tion of tvmes­si­ah.

Sign­ing out for now,