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Num­ber 7

We know, we know, most of our work can only be found on friend’s old CDs that have been copied and trad­ed and our songs have been spread to many com­put­ers by being inject­ed like a virus from some kid’s jump dri­ve. We know that our music is scarce and very rare to find but we just real­ized that we can put our music online for all to see!!!!!

A few years ago we had some 2nd grade kid email us to see if we could be inter­viewed for his ele­men­try school news­pa­per. We did that inter­view and from that point on kids on the play­ground trad­ed our songs like crack rock on the shaft of an Eng­lish Fish­ing­boat. Kids seemed to enjoy the hip tunes of us tvmes­si­ah and even­tu­al­ly their par­ents got a hold of it and began rockin out too, like in the good ol’ days where all you need­ed was the per­son of the oppo­site sex and a trusty meth­pipe.