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We used to record­ing all our shit on win­dows recorder and have to use dialup to get on the Inter­net to down­load samples.…AOL always fucked up. It would freeze the com­put­er dur­ing inspi­ra­tional moments and cre­at­ed hav­oc on our sys­tems. Fuck AOL, the offi­cial music video by tvmes­si­ah.

The bat­tle between good and evil has been going on since the begin­ning of time. Whether it be the god of light­ning or the god of wind, a bunch of stat­ues in a room argu­ing over 2nd cen­tu­ry eco­nom­ics or Jesus Christ & Satan.….the bat­tle goes on and nev­er stops. Just wait and see. It nev­er stops and this is what makes tvmessiah’s track such a clas­sic.

Vir­gins, Vir­gins, Vir­gins every­where.….

From the depths of the art of exper­i­men­tal sounds and poet­ry comes a track that mys­ti­fies the mind and a visu­al sym­pho­ny of a sto­ry told among the peo­ple of the south and through­out the his­to­ry of Chris­ten­dom. This music video is tvmessiah’s ode to those who keep believ­ing in a life after death…and the option to believe in leg­end as a way you cope with the won­ders of our real­i­ty.

For all those who have patient­ly been waiting.…here it is in all its glo­ry, the music video for the tvmes­si­ah clas­sic SLAP ME ON THE CHEEK

Don’t take this expe­ri­ence for grant­ed.


So your Mom just gave you $10 for allowance. What will you do with it?


You could go to the can­dy store and buy sweets.


but then you would be fat.

You could go down­town and buy some qual­i­ty crack cocaine.


but then you would end up a drug addict.

or…you could go online and buy one of tvmessiah’s albums.


and you would be feared as the motha fukin gangs­ta you are.

And if your par­ents are too cheap to give you an allowance, you could always drop by your lib­er­al teacher’s house and tell them you need cash to get an abor­tion.


In this case, you would be able to buy a tvmes­si­ah album for your­self and all your friends so do this one.


tvmes­si­ah, the right choice.

Go to the Offi­cial tvmes­si­ah iTunes Page to get your fix.